Republican Candidate for Guilford County Sheriff




Bring stewardship back to government service, by taking care of the taxpayer. For far too long, tax-payers have faced a constant onslaught of increasing taxation, only to have government agencies pilfer their hard earned money. Every dollar spent at the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) will be used responsibly. We will lower inmate population at GCSO Detention Centers to ensure jail staff and detention officer safety. This process will also lower recidivism rates and save taxpayer money.


Students, teachers, and faculty will no longer worry if their schools are a safe learning environment. The stakes are too important for us to leave school safety to happenchance. Our deputies will work with the students, parents, teachers, and faculty to foster relationships built on honor and trust. We will not allow violence to destroy our schools and we will never hesitate to take appropriate action when faced with threats. We must address the causes of school place violence by taking a more active roll in our youth mentorship.


This right, nor any other, shall ever be infringed upon. I will champion the causes to end the need for Concealed Carry Permits (CCP). While we await the outcome of current legislation to end the requirement of CCPs, I will expedite the CCP process. Under the current administration, the current CCP process involves residents of Guilford County waiting up to a year to receive their permit. This is unacceptable and will be remedied immediately by reallocating resources to handle the influx of new permit request.




Violent crime has risen in Guilford County and this trend shows no sign of slowing. Violent actions such as murders and shootings take place in front of Law Enforcement Stations. The Sheriff’s government vehicle was stolen from the Sheriff’s Department. We are failing at lowering the surge in crime in Guilford County. The GCSO will expand violent criminal apprehension programs so Guilford County does not become a sanctuary for violent criminals. Violence will not be tolerated in Guilford County and will be appropriately addressed if it does occur. Violent criminals will no longer feel a sense of anonymity; we will find them and stop their violent actions.


“Defund-the-Police” movements are simply “Abolish-the-Police” movements in disguise. We will make every effort to save the tax-payer money, just as all government agencies should. Financial stewardship will be one of the goals for every employee at the GCSO. We will not bow to liberal pressure and simply stop serving Guilford County. Our communities want a strong law enforcement agency and we will work tirelessly to provide that. Every agency should constantly look inward to properly assess any need for improvement. We will ensure all people that find themselves in the territorial jurisdictional boundaries of Guilford County are treated fairly and equally. No community or group of people will ever be marginalized by the GCSO.  Policy reform will be implemented to ensure that no innocent person is ever imprisoned and we will work with judges to lower the excessive bail amounts placed upon non-violent offenders.


Guilford County residents will be selected as new hires when possible. We will ensure all GCSO employees want to stay and work with us by treating every employee with dignity and respect. All GCSO employees will have the option to work a flex-work schedule, to prevent burn-out and raise retention rates. Raises and overtime will be afforded to the employees of the GCSO. Employees leaving for different opportunities is normal; however, our employees will never feel like they are not appreciated at their current agency. Retirees and former law enforcement are some of the best untapped resources available. The GCSO will be creating an additional duty assignment for retirees and former law enforcement to participate in, as their time allows. This will alleviate the workload for current employees and expedite cases. 

Vehicle pursuits are dangerous to the motoring public and the deputies pursuing the subject. Simply abandoning a pursuit in the interest of safety, is not always the best option. The pursuit policy will be amended to allow deputies to end dangerous pursuits before they start. Deputies are trained in advance driving techniques, and they will be trusted to take a dangerous, fleeing, felon, off the streets. While we will critique each employee to ensure they are performing at their best, we will not constantly second guess every decision made by our staff. This creates a dangerous tension filled environment. I will stand behind every employee and ensure their safe return home at the end of their shift. 




William White, Republican candidate for Guilford County Sheriff.
•Lifelong resident of Guilford County, Husband and Father.
•Served in the Federal Government as a United States Marine and while at the Department of the Interior meritoriously selected for The Presidential Helicopter Service at HMX-1, serving President George Bush
•Deployed on two separate combat tours to Iraq Operation Phantom Fury / Operation Al-Fajr “the dawn”
•At the Greensboro Police Department, I was honored to serve the citizens in various different functions.
•Patrol Officer in every district in the department
•Community resource teams in the downtown district and Eastside of the city
•Civil Emergency Unit (CEU), Tasked with supporting large scale emergencies such as Riots, Weather Related Emergencies, and Large Crowd Dispersals
•Special Response Team (SRT), commonly known as SWAT. I served as both a Dynamic Entry Team Member and a Designed Marksman.
•Trained in multiple areas of law enforcement disciplines to include:
°Special Response Team (SWAT) Entry Team
°Special Response Team Sniper/Designated Marksman
°Bear Armored Vehicle Operator
°High Ropes Rappelling Certified
°Close Quarter Combat Pistol/ Rifle
Long Rifle Certified
°40 MM Launcher Certified
°Non- Lethal Munitions Certified
°Plain Clothes Community Team
°Undercover Narcotics Investigations
°Helicopter High Altitude Investigation Introduction
°Active Shooter Target Hardening Adviser
°Downtown Bicycle Team
°Patrol Officer (Multiple Officer of the Month)
°Public Relations Speaking Engagements
°Criminal Interdiction
°Lo-Jack and Stolen Vehicle/ Merchandise Tracking
°Interview and Interrogation Course Completion
°Radar Operator Certified
°Standardized Field Sobriety Testing / Portable Breath Test Certified
°North Carolina Governors Counterfeit Operations
°Inclement Weather Clean Up and Rescue
°Commercial / Industrial Hardening and Readiness Instructor
°CPR Certified / AED Defibrillator Certified
°President of the United States Protection Team
°VIP Movement Security
°Outlaw Biker/ Gang Investigation Training
°Hazardous Waste Response Certified
°Occupational Safety and Health
°Administration (OSHA) Regulations
°Risk Assessment Program Development
°Workplace Safety Advising
°Juvenile and Minority Sensitivity Training
°Unknown Chemical Field Testing Training


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